Updating roster for madden 09

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Just two weeks remain in the NFL season, and teams are continuing to jockey for playoff positioning.The Cowboys failed to capitalize on the Eagles' surprising loss to the Vikings, while the Lions dropped a huge home game to the Ravens on Monday Night…Tis’ the season to celebrate football with the Madden Ultimate Holiday!The Steelers have won three in a row, while the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens have won two of…Madden Ultimate Team is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with a week of food, fun and football.

Heading downward are Aaron Rodgers (-1 to 97), Tom Brady (-1 to 96), Nick Mangold (-2 to 92), Roddy White (-1 to 91), Ben Roethlisberger (-1 to 91), Jared Allen (-2 to 89), Eli Manning (-2 to 88), Colin Kaepernick (-1 to 88) along with 14 other 49ers that drop, and Kenny Britt (-2 to 79).The game ships with Brett on an all-time greats team, but with the roster update that will be downloadable when product is available at retail, Brett Favre will be the starting QB for the New York Jets.The roster update is not mandatory - unless you are planning an online head to head game, or online league.We just got word from EA that the game will still ship with Favre on the cover in his old Green Bay Packers uniform, but the following updates will make him a Jet.Fast work on EA's part, given that the Favre deal only made the news several hours ago.

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