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Tila Tequila, the former queen of Myspace and now a self-declared Nazi, has this as her pinned tweet: "Women who complain about Trump saying 'Grab her by the pussy!

' are retards because I love getting grabbed by the pussy! " It's adjacent to her Twitter bio, which reads in part: "Alt-reich queen! "Tequila caused a small, sad stir over the weekend by posting a picture from the alt-right National Policy Institute conference, in which she and two white companions did a Nazi salute. " she tweeted, misspelling "sieg." She also posted pictures with Richard Spencer, the NPI's head, and with Chuck Johnson, the racist internet troll.

At its core, I think hating on the bi-crowd it’s just the gay community trying to protect itself. I’ve always said the only thing more intimidating than a naked woman is a naked woman who can talk, and if there is one thing I have been doing all my life in gluttonous excess, it is talk.

Whose buddy didn’t get her heart broken in college by some girl on the volleyball team who was “experimenting? SD: I am a super physical comedienne who can sing and have a general irreverence to social boundaries. Burlesque is insanely fun, and one of the most lady-positive spaces out there. AE: Any positive/negative/awkward experiences you can share? If anything, being boldly under-clothed has helped me command respect from an audience.

Last week Durwood premiered her “Lesbian First Date” video and we knew we had to chat with her.

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AE: Your newest video seems to draw from experience. SD: “Lesbian First Date” was a collaboration with Kristin Key and Romi Barta for the CBS Diversity Showcase. Whatever our most mockable traits are, you best watch your step if you’re making fun of them to our faces.I have a lot of female comedienne allies, and that helps. Nothing is off the table in comedy, I get it, but it almost feels like men right now are trying to “take back” their ability to make fun of rape from women who have fought so hard to get serious recognition for the issue. I speak of it rarely, as it is very embarrassing, but I suppose I could have done worse things when I was young and needed the money. At the time I justified it as being a feminist thing that a lesbian could finally sleep her way to the top, because before that had always been pretty much a straight girl thing. SD: I’d like to be doing exactly what I’m doing, only bigger, better, sparklier and on a larger stage.Sometimes, though, I’ll be on a line up of a bunch of guys in gross t-shirts with greasy hair and glasses, making obscure comic book references and talking about their wieners, and here I am wearing a tasteful gown and tiara, singing songs about white wine and glitter, and it feels like we live in two completely different worlds. Funny is funny, and if you can pull off a killer joke about rape, more power to ya, but even the most irreverent comedian has to be aware of the world he or she is aspiring to create. Then I realized it was a reality show, so at best it was going to be sleeping my way to the middle… I’m lucky to get to work a little bit in so many worlds from film and TV to stand up and storytelling.She added, "I just feel like the Jewish people have such a beautiful way about them, and I can't wait to officially be Jewish! The next year, in December 2013, she posted a photoshopped image of herself on Facebook in front of Auschwitz, with a Nazi armband and SS cap on.She called herself "Hitila," and wrote a post called "Why I Sympathize With Hitler: Part 1," in which she called him "not a bad person as they have painted him out to be."The reemergence of that image and those declarations caused her to be kicked off the popular UK show Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 after only a few days in the Big Brother house.

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