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Opponents fear that online dating will destroy the element of mystery and serendipity inherent to romance, and promote a serial dating mentality.

When it comes to romance, online dating can also have complicated effects, depending on users’ characteristics and their patterns of use.Second, it collects these singles in one easily accessible online location, substantially reducing the time and effort otherwise required to meet people (e.g., sustain an active social life, go to bars, ask friends to set you up, etc.). Research shows that physical proximity is a critical predictor of relationship initiation, with most people dating those who are literally around them (e.g., work colleagues, classmates).Online dating removes this constraint, allowing people to date those with whom they would not intersect in everyday life.Research shows that people prefer partners who are similar to them in terms of values and beliefs, but there is no scientific model that predicts compatibility based on personality characteristics (which is what many online dating sites do).More importantly, even if such compatibility could be demonstrated, it should account for only a small portion of a relationship’s success.

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