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When she first showed up and he kicked her out, I thought, "I wonder if he's dreaming this." And when she returned and basically threw herself on top of him, I figured, okay, it's a dream.

And when he freaking strangled her to death I thought, okay, this is obviously 100% a dream…

This was the best episode yet for Season 5, with some very good material for Joan, Peggy, Don and Sally packed into a busy hour. Matthew Weiner certainly has mastered the slow burn on this show, and it was just so gratifying to finally have this issue be dealt with.

The fact that Greg once raped Joan has never escaped Mad Men viewers, but as the years went on, it was clear Joan had internalized it and was seemingly never going to address it – a sad but believable aspect of her character. We all know Don's history of infidelity, and it was good to see that also be brought to the forefront in this episode.

Yes, we know she had quite a bit of cash in there, thanks to Roger, that likely had her more on edge.

But it didn't change the horrible, awkward nature of that moment and the fact that Dawn saw it and how much mistrust it brought about in just that one second.

didn’t hate anyone more than Pete Campbell with his near-constant ego crisis.

That is, until the account man redeemed himself by grimacing less.

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So where can you find Vincent Kartheiser’s self-satisfied smirk these days? You know, the one when Betty pretends like everything’s all good and then takes aim at her neighbor’s birds with housewife rage fire in her eyes.

“We sincerely thank the fans for joining us on this ride and hope it has meant as much to them as it has to us.” AMC’s president, Charlie Collier, added that: “ is the show that put AMC on the map. It is impossible to overstate the impact it has had on AMC, and I would argue, this era of television." He added that “we are honored to forever be the birthplace and home of this iconic series and we can’t wait to share its artful conclusion with the fans.

From the first shot, Matthew, his cast and crew handcrafted something truly distinctive for the screen, the very definition of premium television on basic cable." “We will miss the remarkable people, the consistently exquisite program, and of course, the free scotch and cigarettes in our vending machines,” he concluded.

Once he was done with the show, Stanton took on a slew of kind man characters in TV series like , the artist character Stan Rizzo took us from self-important wise guy and dropped us right off at sane and grounded hero when the show came to an end.

The run will begin on Thursday the 9th of April at 10pm, on Sky Atlantic. If you want to recap what went on in the first half of the season, you can find all our reviews by clicking this very much in sight - the final seven-episode run (concluding season seven) will premiere on the 5th of April, in America. I take great pride in what the entire team was able to create episode after episode, season after season,” said the show's creator Matthew Weiner.

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