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(It’s important not to miss this step because it’s crucial for a snug fit, and to prevent wetness from sneaking out.) I wish the wings were a little longer on this diaper, like our Nicki’s pockets, but I still think it’s a good looking diaper and fits Mary Kate really well.Roderick can wear this diaper with the rise snapped down once, or completely opened up when an extra insert is added. Both children have chubby legs and the soft rolled elastics fit very comfortably.First, it’s smaller overall than the Nicki’s pocket diaper.The wings are also shorter than the Nicki’s pocket and the Nicki’s covers. It’s bulkier in terms of thickness, compared to the Nicki’s pocket, which you can see illustrated below.The Nicki’s Bamboo All-in-One diaper was on my wish list for a really long time.When Mary Kate left the newborn stage behind (*sniff*), I went ahead and got one for her and one for my nephew, Roderick.Katie actually has two Nicki’s bamboo AIO diapers, and found there was a slight difference between them. We noticed this same size inconsistency when reviewing the Nicki’s Ultimate AIO as well.The rolled elastic around the leg openings is a feature you’ll notice right off about this AIO, because few diapers have it.

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Care: We prepped our diapers at least three times before first use, since there are cotton components.

My blue houndstooth print has a pale blue interior.

The insert snaps into the back of the diaper, and can be folded under to fit smaller babies. You can buy extra Nicki’s Ultimate Bamboo Inserts for .95 if you’d like to boost the absorbency of this diaper. How does the bamboo AIO compare to other Nicki’s brand diapers?

By diluting what your baby’s overnight cloth diaper has been holding onto for 12 hours, you are ensuring that your simple wash routine with plenty of good-cleaning detergent will be ALL it takes to get the whole load clean on the first try.

It’s JUST like your nicest jeans or tops: the less laundering your cloth diapers have to go through, the better they will hold up over time.

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