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It was the times when I was noticed that bothered me the most.From the time when I was followed from a subway station exit all the way to a store, which I ducked in to, until I was unabashedly “called for” by a fellow Spanish peer, because I had the curves he was looking forward to. I was removing myself from the atmosphere that lauded whiteness as beauty. How the media highlighted it in commercials and magazines. How color was a characteristic to be equated with singular sexualized images such as the “jungle” or “tropical” or “forbidden”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder is biased to think of only a specific idea, concept, ideal, as perfect? Bare your skin and your voice and your style so that in time, through your words, and actions and insistence, the norm changes to reflect the rainbow.However, a fellow female of color peer got it much worse; people asking her how much for a night, touching her and calling to her, that she left the program early.My conclusions from this situation was that America was the fad, the “it” thing.I love all animals, I have a cat and has 2 dogs for 13 years sadly they have both died.Anything else you want or need to know you will have to ask Hey!This is Brais from Spain :) I'm currently studying engineering although I've also studied Physics at uni for one year, I love animals, math and languages, so if you are interested in learning Spanish I'd be more than glad to help you!(I'd really appreciate a bit of help in any foreign language as well).

I have a keen eye and a very refined attention to detail. And travel back to England occasionally to see my daughter and grand daughter. I am looking for a slim, pretty women who would like to come sailing for a week. I ask for a contribution to the costs and a fair share of the work.But after the first month when most of the guys I met were asking about my two friends in the program, who were both blonde and blue eyed, I started to feel a bit peeved.We had been warned that racism was rampant in Spain; immigration had just opened up about 20 years ago and Spain still had a lot of issues to work through.In fact, women of color in our program were specifically told about how we could be treated, as sexualized prostitutes, because, people of our color, where “always” selling ourselves on street corners.Lucky for me, I only experienced a little of this discrimination, with cat calls of “hola morena” (literally hello brown girl) or blatant studies of certain parts of my anatomy.

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