Dating corkscrews

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As far as I am aware there are no examples of pillar type Thomason corkscrews with Thomasons name on them, we know of II pillar, III pillar, IV pillar and VI pillar examples, all in steel.Now when we consider the type of man Thomason was and how proud he was of his corkscrew patent, surely it follows that if he had made these pillar type Thomasons he would definitely have marked them with his name or moto, "Ne plus ultra".We can take a further step and look more closely at the bronze Thomason.

EDWARD THOMASONS 1802 PATENT CORKSCREW Using Edward Thomasons Patent application drawings can help us determine which Thomason type corkscrews were made first. Looking carefully at the line drawings we can see particular features of an open-frame corkscrew. The shape of the handle and the fact it has tight turnings. The side pillars and top of the frame are of similar proportions to the drawing.Personally I don't think they are of the earliest type and here is my thinking.Edward Thomason was the apprentice of Matthew Boulton, no doubt Boultons thoughts and ways would have been a great influence on Thomason, especially when we consider, at the young age of sixteen Thomason started working at Boultons side.Edward Thomasons patent of 1802 according to his memoirs helped make his name.The Thomason corkscrew made him known as an inventor and it was a means of introducing other articles made in Thomason's manufacturory to his clients.

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