Cost of updating breast implants

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The rule of thumb is that breast implants should be changed every ten years, but is this really true?Should breast implants be replaced at their tenth anniversary?If your breast implants are ten years old, is it time to change them?The question comes up every day in my Walnut Creek breast augmentation practice, so here are the current recommendations on the San Francisco plastic surgery blog.

They should keep a record of your implant manufacturer, catalogue number and size.

Hopefully, compliance will be enhanced since study questionnaires can now be completed by patients on-line.

If you are participating in one of the breast implant follow-up studies, I encourage you to complete your surveys and make your follow-up appointments to enhance the study’s accuracy.

The bottom line is that most breast implants do not need to be replaced at ten years.

If you have breast implant surgery, it is reasonable to expect to need another surgery at some point in the future.

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