Brazil dating in model only

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While there are plenty of genuine love stories here between brasileiras and turistas, and plenty more cold fee-for-service transactions, it's often not a simple question of you-paid-or-you-didn't.

There are many gradations on the romance-to-prostitution continuum.

I strike up a conversation with her friend, whose name was Natalia, telling her I was a reporter interested in Brazilian women's relationships with tourists.

Natalia thought that was quite a coincidence, because her pal just happened to be talking to a friend that was off to visit her Belgian boyfriend -- in Belgium.

Communication -- the verbal kind -- continued to be a problem until the next day, when they went to an internet cafe to use Google Translate.

A male friend of hers suggested she go up to him and kiss him, but she refused. "In my city, no." But friends broke the ice, and they all went out to eat.

On the way back to the beach she dared to grab his hand. Finally, she playfully pulled off his cap, and he pulled her in for a smooch. "He spoke and he spoke and I didn't understand anything," she said.

Since retiring as a player in 2011, Ronaldo is now part-owner of a marketing company called 9ine Sports and Entertainment.

The company counts Barcelona forward Neymar and mixed martial arts fighter Anderson Silva among their representatives.

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